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Evette Price 

Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist


Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

What to expect

If you are a new client I will need to take some details from you. If you would like to save time you can print out and fill in the Client Health History form before your appointment. I will talk to you about your general health and injuries to make sure that massage is suitable for you and that you receive the most effective treatment.

(Click to download the Client Health History form).

The treatment you receive will be unique to you. I use a variety of massage techniques and will use the ones most appropriate to your needs, therefore each time you visit your massage will be slightly different. Many of the techniques involve the use a light lotion which quickly sinks into the skin, other techniques may be carried out through the towels or your clothing.

Appointments are usually for around 1 hour and cost £40.00.


Whilst massage is a non-invasive and low-risk therapy, certain conditions preclude treatment. These include:

  • acute injuries and fractures (massage will help restoring muscle function after the healing process has finished)
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • varicose veins (although massage away from them is unproblematic)
  • open wounds (massage can be used on unaffected areas)
  • infectious skin diseases
  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • tumours / cancer
  • arterio and artherosclerosis
  • recent surgery

Phone: 01328 711563

e-mail: [email protected]